„We are defeating the pandemic worldwide, or not at all.“
Dr. Gerd Müller,
Federal Development Minister (BMZ)
- initiative -

What is the COVAX-ACCESS Initiative?


For months, the public debate has been critical among Germans and our European neighbours. These discussions have been about organizational deficiencies and our own possibly selfish interests, shifts of responsibility and bureaucratic processes, etc.

There is much to criticize. Little remains of positive moments. Many are waiting here for their supposed redemption: their vaccination.

In all these discussions, the real goal – the way out of the pandemic is being overlooked: "We are only defeating the pandemic worldwide, or not at all," says Dr. Gerd Müller, Federal Development Minister.

It is short-sighted not to consider the poorer countries when it comes to vaccinations. Without it we will remain in a permanent crisis state due to ever new mutations.

- goals -


The World Health Organization established the COVAX Initiative in cooperation with a number of other international organizations. COVAX raises funds to fund Covid vaccinations in poorer countries around the world.
COVAX has commissioned Unicef as a globally represented organization with a lot of vaccination experience to carry out the vaccinations. The goal of the COVAX initiative for 2021 is to vaccinate 20% of the population: the medical staff and the elderly. We believe that this target is too low to be successful in containing the pandemic.

Our first goal: We are calling for equal access to vaccines for poorer countries and with our initiative we want to raise awareness for this cause

The COVAX initiative is far too underfunded to reach even its own goal. Despite the re-entry of the US into the WHO and initial funding commitments from some governments (of wealthier states) there is a huge gap in the donation fund. 

Individually we are not able to accomplish this, but we can still help to make many more vaccinations available. Each of our donations is also an invitation to governments to increase their funding.

Politics are currently unable to publicly advocate for and implement vaccination access and sufficient funding. Vaccine shortages prevent this.

Our second goal: Collect donations, enable more vaccinations, exert our influence and demand sufficient funds for vaccinations.


The 'bottleneck' in vaccination production must be opened in the pandemic:

  • Ideological boundaries must be overcome so that vaccines of any origin can be used or licensed, provided they are safe and effective: e.B. Sputnik, Sinovac, etc. In Illertissen, a plant could be ready for the production of Sputnik.
  • President Biden has proved that, in return for payment of several billion US dollars, further openings of the licensing and thus ultimately a significant increase in the production of vaccines is possible.
  • Sanofi produced vaccines for biontech under license after its own development was unsuccessful.
  • Mandela has broken patent law to fight HIV and produced it in India. As a result, treatment costs fell by 99%.
Our third goal: Patent rights, for generous payment to the vaccine pioneers*, temporarily open and take advantage of worldwide capacity opportunities.
*they have ultimately opened up the door out of the crisis


What is needed now is the determination of the politicians in the face of the material interests of the pharmaceutical industry.

The Nobel laureate in economics, Alvin Roth, considers the remuneration of the vaccine pioneers as a far lower financial effort compared to the otherwise accrued corona damage.
This view is also shared by the WTO (World Trade Organisation), Doctors Without Borders and some politicians (such as Macron, Merkel, Von der Leyen,... formerly outspoke , now whispering at best)

Private donations of magnitude through a host of private donors will also send the right signals to the establishment 

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- support -


Your support is required!

Share the COVAX-ACCESS information in your networks and thus provide valuable communication work for viral distribution.Do you have access to:
+ vaccination centres
+ pharmacies
+ doctor's offices
or other places with a lot of access?
We are happy to provide you with material such as infoflyers and posters!
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Your donation goes to the: unicef Corona Vaccination Campaign

Even a €5 donation is a vote in favour of the initiative.

Quickly & easily donate via Unicef donation form and follow the current donation status! Donation certificates are available from 25.-Euro.
All donations will reach the COVAX vaccination Initiative, via Unicef, at a 100 %! Extracosts of the campaign are fully covered by the Initiative-Team.

or by transfer to:
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